Solar power plants dedicated to ensuring the uninterrupted power supply of sensitive sites

Solar power plants developed by Ausar ENERGY

allow the going of sensitive sites
even when the public electricity grid is experiencing cuts
The use of a power plant Ausar ENERGY enables sensitive sites to continue operation in case of failure of the public electricity network.

Sites sensibles TradEven when these cuts are long lasting, the solar generator from the central authorizes sufficient autonomy without systematic use of emergency generator site. The continuity of business processes is ensured, thus preserving the economic viability of the operation of the site.




Modularity and scalability

– Configurable Power 50kW to 2,5MW
– Ability to power electric motors, pumps, lighting, high power
– Easy adaptation to the evolution of consumption by the simple addition of technical modules
– The subsequent arrival of the public network is taken into account by the plant that can be reinjected the surplus of energy and ensure the role of uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Transport and Installation
– The control unit is pre-configured and factory installed in containers 20 feet transportable by sea and by road
– The installation of the plant on site is reduced to the installation of solar panels and the electrical interconnection of the containers between them
Life of 30 years
Operation and maintenance
– Remote management and supervision by our technical center
– No human intervention in nominal operation
– Maintenance Level 1 made locally by teams trained by Ausar ENERGY
– Remote Remote maintenance by our technical center to support maintenance level 2
Uninterrupted production
An auxiliary power unit ensures power production even during low sunlight for long periods. It can be supplied by Ausar ENERGY or be taken from the existing installation.
Reduced environmental impact
From manufacturing to its dismantling end of life, the plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Thanks to the integrated electricity storing sytem to the central, continuity of the supply of energy is ensured 24/7.
A generator, supplied with central or taken from existing installation, ensures emergency service, even if lack of sunshine for a very long time

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