Our approach

Our technical solutions are specifically designed to meet the conditions of operations and maintenance in Africa. Robustness is a priority to reach energy self-sufficiency and to meet the local consumption needs.

To provide energy in a sustainable way, Ausar Energy combines:

  • Technical engineering to ensure equipment supply, installation and logistics according to local constraints.
  • Socio-economical engineering to provide power plants that meet our customers’ specific needs and uses.
  • Financial and legal engineering to realize projects in line with regulatory requirements and financial capabilities.

Ausar Energy - Afrique

Ausar Energy is leveraging its strong local presence and its unique approach to serve best its clients, including manufacturers, national electricity operators, local communities and public institutions responsible for energy.

Three projects illustrating our approach:

  • Installation of battery storage solar power plants and the setting up of an operator in order to remove the ministry’s subsidy to allow consumers to get energy at a regulated price per kwh.
  • Implementation of the funding structure and hybridization of 8 thermal power plants to reduce the national operator’s fuel consumption in order to improve its operations and its financial situation.
  • Implementation of an independent producer for a solar power plant with storage facility to locally support the national grid and to reduce the operating losses.