Africa’s energy challenges must be contextualized within the distinctive characteristics of the local markets. These characteristics require a broad range of skills to take on the multiple technical, organizational and financial challenges.

Developing the transportation system and the centralized electricity generation will not be sufficient to meet the rapidly growing needs of the populations. One risk is that in the long-run, some ‘white’ areas will not benefit from the change. The areas can be islands, or isolated regions where communities currently have insufficient or nonexistent access to the grid.

New solutions are required regarding local activities, demographic development and the spread of new technologies, all of which raise the global electricity needs as well as the consumption peaks.

Notre métier - Ausar Energy

Ausar Energy leverages its knowledge and talents to control the entire project cycle, from its development to its implementation, with the goal to introduce new energy solutions in Africa and to foster off-grid production.

We offer a turnkey solution with medium capacity solar power plants generating from 80 kW to a few MW with storage facility. Our plants are built for remote sites with poor access to the grid or for sites completely off-grid.

Ausar Energy turnkey solution